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See what patients are saying.

★★★★★ - Garrett R.

"All I can say is I am happy I came across this office, and met Dr. Heller. He is extremely personable and knowledgable. I have never felt so comfortable with a dentist before.

I had been seeing my old dentist in the area for the last 10+ years, but recently had begun having some problems, and went to Metropolitan to get a second opinion. Dr. Heller took a detailed medical/dental history, and some new x-rays for me. After going over my treatment plan with the doctor, it was apparent that there was a lot more options for me then I had discussed with my old dentist. My former dentist is closer to retirement which makes me weary about if he know about all the new modern options I learned about with Dr. Heller. His office is clean and up to date. Its easy to make appointments through the website so I didn't even need to call. If you area looking for a clean modern office with a younger intelligent dentist, I would stop in here."


★★★★★ - Ryan R.

"I went here after not having been to the dentist for a few years and I was pleasantly surprised. This place is super clean and modern. Located in Williamsburg this office is really convenient for me which is a big plus. I was a little hesitant at first because I haven't seen a dentist in a while but Dr. Heller was awesome and made me feel really comfortable.

Dr. Heller took his time to explain everything that I needed done and answer all my questions. I will admit going to the dentist is not my favorite thing to do but I really don't think this could have went any better. The doctor explained that a lot of work like some crown can be done in office which will save me a ton of time in the future. If you are looking for a new, modern dentist that has the newest technology in a clean aesthetic environment this place is for you."


★★★★★ - Jesse S.

"I just visited Metropolitan Dental Arts for the first time for a teeth cleaning/check up. The hygienist Janelle was incredibly friendly and did a great job with minimal pain that you would normally experience at other dental practices. The office is really nice so I felt very comfortable with the quality of care. Dr. Heller then examined my teeth and he did a great job explaining everything. I will be firing my current dentist and hiring Metropolitan, so I would highly recommend them for anyone looking for a reliable practice."

★★★★★ - Michelle B

"Just started using Dr. Heller, I've gone for two exams and cleanings. He is very professional. I was taken on schedule. He didn't push any additional work. I highly recommend him! His new office is very nice, modern and clean. Dr. Heller, is a pleasure to deal with."

★★★★★ - Suhaily F.

"I was pleased from reception to the consultation. I was worried based off of reviews that additional services were pushed but after visiting I can say I did not experience pushiness or coercion in services I didn't feel were necessary.

It was the first time a dentist sat down and showed me my slides. Time and care was taken to explain the whys for my treatment plan. I have had 2 visits and oral surgery performed. I'm impressed by this office and their staff."


★★★★★ - Genesis C.

"I went in for a cleaning and it was a wonderful experience. The cleaning was thorough and I felt very comfortable the entire time. I am always scared of the dentist but, they made sure I felt good during the process. The doctor took additional photos which were great because they are more detailed on the teeth and can show more. I was recommend things directly after by the doctor and he sat with me to help me understand. I then proceeded to go to the front desk to check out and asked the assistants to help me with next steps. They were able to explain in detail exactly what was next and why certain things had to be done. That was an A+ because I like when everyone is knowledgable no matter what. I will be going back for my next cleaning!"


★★★★★ - Gregor G.

"Let's just say I haven't been to the dentist in a long time. Like a really really long time. Let's also say that I have, not necessarily a phobia, but more like an aversion, to the whole let's poke and scrape and dig inside your mouth with really sharp pointy tools thing. So I put it off and then my teeth started feeling funky and I put it off some more and then started hemming and hawing about making an appointment and finding a dentist.  Anyway, finally I looked up dentists in Williamsburg and won the lottery by finding Dr. Heller and his incredible staff.  

Everyone was sweet and funny and sensitive to the fact that I hadn't had dental care in quite a while, but without making me feel like a freak. Every procedure every step of the way was explained to me, and my comfort was the absolute most important thing, at least that's how it felt to me. From the moment I walked in to the moment I walked out two hours later everyone was great and an incredible team of professionals who obviously really care about their patients. If you've been putting off going to the dentist for a while trust me and just head straight over to Metropolitan Dental Arts, they'll sort you out, give you a game plan, and you'll walk out with a (much cleaner) smile."

★★★★★ - Lauren M.

"Dr. Heller is the man; he and his staff did a great job with my teeth. They were running a $99 special so I went in to get an X-ray and cleaning and was glad I did. His assistant was thorough in cleaning my teeth and super friendly. He did a nice job summarizing the findings and recommending some actions. Check-in is on iPads. Whole place is immaculate and leaves you feeling good. All in all I'd recommend to anyone."

- Lauren M.

★★★★★ - Keith B.

"I'm so impressed with this dental practice. Dr. Heller and his staff are so welcoming and friendly. It makes visiting the dentist a pleasure rather than something scary. Dr. Heller was very clear with how he wanted to improve my dental health. I appreciated his honesty and I completely trust his opinion. And that was only after one visit! I highly recommend this practice!! (AND YOU CAN WATCH NETFLIX DURING YOUR VISIT!!)"

★★★★★ - Krish J.

"I've been going to Dr. Heller for years and have been consistently impressed. Dr. Heller and his staff are very friendly, and they're always quick to get you in the dentist's chair. Also, they recently moved to a GORGEOUS new office which is top of the line."